Monday, February 21, 2011

Spandex and Polka Dots

Dec. 1980ish  JB's Down, Kent Ohio.

   I wore my black spandex pants and my black and white polka dot shirt, and my black canvas Mary Janes which were my shoe of choice back in the 80's.  It was a frigid day in Kent Ohio, Thursday...we played every Thursday at JB's Down.  The Numbers Band played upstairs, which was blues and groove, downstairs was punk/new wave and debauchery.  No way of knowing the heat wasn't working when I got ready for our gig, or socks would have been a part of the deal, instead I got frostbite but the show went on, as it does when you are young and eager and not necessarily brilliant.  To this day, 31 years later when my feet get cold I have no feeling in 3 toes, it brings back memories that I don't hate, it's a constant reminder of what was and what was.....was amazing.

  Show over, 2 PM  creepy guy following me around making me nervous, seems like I would get used to it, lots of creepers downstairs at JB's in the 80's.  Nick Nolte walked me out to my car.  Nick Nolte was this guy named Scott that came to every show, looked exactly like Nick Nolte and I could never remember his name so he was indeed...Nick Nolte.  He noticed the stalker boy and asked to walk me to my car.  Nick was always really nice to me, he didn't seem overly impressed by me, he just treated me like everyone else and that was cool, so he was my favorite...Nick and his friend Matt, they were my favorite fan guys because I could tell they didn't buy into my shit, my I'm a rock star, blonde and happening, shit, which it was...shit.
On the way to the car Bob (Ethington...drummer...Unit band) was trying to dig down to his car under, all the ice, snow and things that fall onto cars in Kent in the winter, in the 80's and every decade before and after.  He accidentally scraped off his rearview mirror and watched it dropped to the ground in silent slow motion, I...with my escort and frostbitten feet, wondered how much longer Unit 5 would perservere...not much it turns out....GOD SAVE THE QUEEN (I mean

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