Friday, March 4, 2011

Jane Scott Wants An Interview With Tracey

So if you lived in Cleveland/NE Ohio for any amount of time in the last 5 decades you know who infamous rock writer Jane Scott is, probably, high probability of that, that you know who she is.
U5 has been signed to Clone Records (thanks Nick Nicholas) and before the LP comes out there is much todo about it all, that's just part of the routine.  Getting even a blur from Jane Scott was something all artists, national, and local hoped for.  Dave Whitt informed me that she wanted to interview me (specifically) when we were doing a press day in Cleveland.  We met at Pirate's Cove I believe it was but someplace of that calibur, daytime before club opens kind of setting.  I was very nervous to meet her and very anxious NOT to come across as a dumb blonde singer having her 15 min. I was not accustomed to going it without the guys so I believe they were in the club when I sat down on the stage with Jane Scott, just the two of us talking about stuff.  I was ready to impress her with all my deepness and uniqueness, I was ready to break free of the endless comparison to Debbie Harry, not because she wasn't wonderful, but because I wanted to be more uniquer than that (I know that was wrong but it worked didn't it)?  1 min. into the interview/conversation she took out her pencil and legal pad and started bombarding me with questions about my likeness to Debbie Harry.  "Did she inspire your sound"? "Did she inspire your look"? No, No, Not really, I think she's swell and all, I actually do have a Blondie LP, the first one, with Rip Her To Shreds, yes, great song, finally she just said "Can you really ignore the similarities here"?  I said most enthusiastically YES, YES I CAN!  I discovered Debbie Harry when Heart Of Glass came out, yes I knew who she was and what she looked like.  For the most part, her music was just OK for me, not really inspirational enough to model my career after.  I thought she was lovely and I liked her look, but I wasn't seeing it as "I want to copy that".  I was definitely going for the Marilyn Monroe vibe, I did the retro look when I wasn't on stage, cropped pants, button down blouses, flats, Marilyn and Audrey Hepburn were my style influences but she wouldn't believe me, she just kept saying it was "uncanny" and Cleveland's own Debbie Harry but I wasn't even from Cleveland I was from Akron...West Side, Case Elementary, Swensons, Hardesty Park, the little metal elephant slide, Forest Lodge ice skating, Stan Hywett flowers in the spring and The Indian statue outside of what used to be the elementary school, by Bissons Grocery, where the hell did Bissons go anyway?
Oh well, it's water under the proverbial bridge now (was that a proverb)?  The Cleveland Plain Dealer article was short and sweet, compared me to Debbie Harry, every which way but loose, said some nice things, I was honored to have the attention and press but I just did not feel like anyone was getting it, all.  OFF WITH HER HAIR!

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